Upcoming guest profile- Zach Ceballos- Marine Corps Veteran- Veteran support specialist GallantFew

Zach Ceballos was sent to boot camp in San Diego in 2008, just a week after turning 18.  During his time within the Marine Corps, he served as a rifleman for 1st Bn 5th Marines Apache Co. 3rd platoon.  Throughout Ceballos’ time with his unit, they deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan in 2011.  While deployed to Sangin, the unit suffered the loss of 17 Marines, one of which being Ceballos’ roommate.  After his time in the Marines, Zach encountered a few struggles that many Veterans face while transitioning into the civilian world.  Finding GallantFew was one the most important events that happened in his life. Ceballos vowed to not let any Veteran experience those same hurdles.  He turned that commitment to action and served as a GallantFew ambassador for the past year. We are honored to have Zack on the Leatherneck 7 Podcast to share his journey, his “Most Gung Ho” story, and listen to see how he survives the “Rapid Fire”! For more information on resources and transition programs available visit- gallantfew.org and sign up! S/F