Phoenix is rising retreat needs our help!

Phoenix is rising:

I can’t believe its been a year ago since I was fortunate enough to attend this amazing Retreat for Veterans The Phoenix is rising retreat is by far the most impacting out of all the retreats I had the honor of attending. It’s based here in beautiful South Florida. Like the retreat says it’s all about re-entry into society! For every warrior lost in combat, 3 more will go on to kill themselves. too many veterans return home often from high stakes, high stress combat situations and only to find themselves ignored, misunderstood, alienated and abandoned by their fellow Americans.

This is not a problem of money or of legislation but, rather, an issue of how we culturally approach (or ignore) the crisis. Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) has now reached its highest ever level among the 10% of all American forces who encounter combat. Unlike other countries (eg Israel, United Kingdom or Canada), where rates are less than half that of the US, it is estimated that more than 20% of American combat veterans are diagnosed with PTS. The person’s dilemma is less about battlefield trauma and more about re-entry into society. So please help save not only a Veteran but a life!

Just visit to help Veterans in need! Again thank you all so much. And help spread awareness for an amazing cause right here in our own backyard! S/F



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