Upcoming guest profile-SOF REVERENCE-

The story of SOF.REVERENCE

SOF REVERENCE was mentored and cared for after tearing his ACL in ITC by William Kundrat, who was one of the Raiders who was on board the C130 that crashed in July of 2017. He was the first Operator that he met that showed him what selflessly caring for your fellow Operators meant. When he found out he was on board the C130 that crashed, he was devastated, and unhappy. The news reports were first blaming it on the cargo that the Operators had on board, and then there was silence. He was treated extremely poorly by MARSOC while he recovered from multiple surgeries that he had while serving at 1st Marine Raider BN, and he had concern that the families would experience similar treatment. SOF REVERENCE decided to give the military their 30 days for a preliminary investigation to be released, and if they didn’t release one that they would conduct a 140+ mile ruck to the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert to raise awareness of the tragedy and to get some answers as to why the families lost their loved ones, and why we lost our brothers.

This Ruck was conducted and the story of what happened prior, during, and post is hard to believe, but it’s all true.

This is only the beginning for SOF REVERENCE to help bring some sort of relief to the families who have lost their beloved Raiders and only a fraction of the battle to bring and raise awareness to what happens after our warriors are laid to rest. Til Valhalla! To help support SOF REVERENCE’s mission just go follow them on IG @sof.reverence.

Also on their go fund me page www.gofundme.com/SOFREVERENCE any donations help guys!

We are honored and look forward to having SOF REVERENCE on our show and help share their amazing story! S/F



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