The Marine Special Operator Insignia

Marine special operators will soon begin wearing a new insignia on their uniforms, similar to the pins and tabs worn by Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces troops.
Starting next month, Marine Raiders will be authorized to wear a gold breast pin on their uniforms. The 2-inch by 2.75-inch pin features a bald eagle with outstretched wings representing the Marine Corps; a dagger in the eagle’s talons to symbolize Marine Raider battalions and the Marine Special Operations School; the Southern Cross, to represent Raiders’ victories on Guadalcanal; and the Latin phrase “Spiritus Invictus:” which translates as “”unconquerable spirit.”
The pin will be authorized for Marines in two military occupational specialties: 0372 critical skills operators and 0370 special operations officers.
Maj. Gen. Carl Mundy III, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command’s commander, said in a Monday statement announcing the new insignia that MARSOC Marines learn how to think critically and fight in an increasingly complex and politically sensitive battle space. This pin represents their special training and abilities, he said.

Our rigorous training pipeline ensures that a newly minted critical skills operator has developed the skills required for full spectrum special operations,” Mundy said. “This badge serves as a visual certification that they have trained and prepared to accept their new responsibilities.”

Excerpt from the Marine corps times.


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